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Simple and beautiful

Pure is an elegant, open source, mobile first theme for Pelican. It includes lightweight styles and placeholder content to get you up and running with a simple blog in no time. Pure theme let you focus on words. Comes with readable typography to make your words shine.


Pelican based

Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python. It's simple and you can host the static files anywhere.

Use Markdown or reStructuredText

Create great looking posts with cover images, full author details, links and images.

Deploy to Github Pages

Host blog on Github for free and publish the site with a single command.


Looks great on your desktop, tablet and mobile.

Sample image of a meeting for a responsive image example.

Built with purecss.io

CSS with a minimal footprint.

Comes in two flavors

Single blogging theme or collaborative if the blog has more than one author. Fits well for companies and product blogs.

Sample image of a meeting for a responsive image example.
See it live at: testpy.org



If you made a awesome kick-ass change, please make a pull request. We'll be proud to accept your contributions.

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